Six Week Old Baby

التطلّع لابتسامة الطفل الأولى
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What to look out for at 6 weeks old

Looking forward to baby’s first smile

At six weeks old your baby is changing fast and it is time for the first proper smile. Before this time you will see what looks like a smile but it is usually simply a reflex action due to trapped wind. You will definitely notice the difference as your baby’s whole face changes and their first smile at your is a very precious and memorable moment. Developmentally this also shows that your baby is on track and that they are engaging and communicating with you well. Do not worry if this smile does not appear at week six as it can take up to week twelve so which is within the normal developmental range.

At 6 weeks your baby starts to recognize you

Your baby will probably recognize you and distinguish you visually from other people at six weeks and they will love lots of cuddles and play and skin to skin contact at this stage. They can focus better now on toys and mobiles and will be interested in looking at contrasting bright colors. They are becoming interested and engaged with the world around them as their focus and awareness increases.

6 week health checks

You and your baby will probably have a health check at around six weeks when your baby will be physically checked over and you will be asked about how well they are feeding, and are they smiling yet for example to make sure that your baby is on track and that all is well. You will also be checked to make sure that your womb is returning to its pre-pregnancy positioning and that you are coping well with feeding and any other concerns you or your doctor may have.

6 weeks baby growth spurt

Between six and eight weeks babies tend to have a sudden growth spurt which means they could be  hungrier and less settled in the night, or it may mean that they want to sleep more.





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