What Is the Role of Dads in Developing Their Children’s Intelligence?

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In short, the children of fathers who are present in their lives are smarter. This is not simply an emotional theory and does not need the support of studies: the role of fathers is not limited to buying food, taking the children to and from school and watching them in the absence of their mother.

Are you a dad who is present for your children, ready to support, encourage and entertain them? If so, your children will be smarter.

  • Know that the communication between a father and his son, even if he is still an infant, is capable of developing the child’s intelligence and his future abilities. This hidden link can be established between you as early as the end of your child’s third month.
  • It is not always necessary to take part directly in games; relying on means of communication like speaking or singing can contribute to creating this link.
  • When your child turns two, you can begin telling them stories, and you will be amazed how they will listen and take what they hear and run with it.
  • Know that many children have showed remarkable interactive intelligence when their fathers spend quality time with them and that this is not limited to watching them in the absence of their mother.
  • You can be certain that the more you show confidence in “performance” and joy in spending time at your child’s side, the more you contribute to the development of your child’s personality.
  • Interaction with your male child does not mean waiting for him to grow up to take him on a hunting trip or to a “men’s meeting” but rather proving your presence in his life from his first months on, which will deepen his sense of safety and self-confidence. This exceptional presence is what supports the image of the father that your child will retain as he grows.
  • Boy or girl, your role does not differ when the equation changes; both need you in their delicate little worlds. It is never enough to take on the role of the mother; you should know that, whatever some parents think, it is not impossible for each of you to have your own special mission in your child’s life.

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