Fitness for dads – be a good role model

fitness for dads
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Keeping fit is important for fathers

Fathers as role models

Being a role model is perhaps a dad’s most important job. This is because our children look up to us and copy a lot of our attitudes and behaviors. So in a world where we are getting fatter, less fit, food is unhealthy and work is less physical than ever, dads need to keep fit. If you keep fit, then your children will copy you, and are more likely to grow up healthy. Makes sense right?

The problem with most fitness plans – why they don’t work

Every year millions of people around the world sign up for gym membership. 

Reader: “Great huh?  What’s the problem?”

Well paying for something normally means you have it, yes?

Reader: “Yes so?”

So you buy a house and it’s yours – but you can’t buy fitness quite so easily. Paying for a gym membership or the latest sports gear isn’t the same as actually going to the gym. Wearing sports gear just makes you look fatter, if you are fat. A lot of people every year sign up with a gym and never go. It’s a clever sales tactic: because we have bought a membership we are fooled into thinking we have bought fitness.

Reader: “Well I’ll pay and then make sure I go then.  In fact I’ll go every day.  Happy now Baby-Arabia?”


Reader: “Huh?!”

Your brain is like a muscle in that it gets tired. This is called CNS (Central Nervous System) Overload. This means if you set yourself up to do too much, you will give up, tired and then you won’t get fit.  And guess what?  – Your children won’t have that super fit dad role model they so need.

Reader: “So what should I do?  You’re confusing me!”

The solution: Baby-Arabia’s fitness plan, step 1

It’s actually quite easy.

Get your gym membership or make up a plan at home (more articles on this coming) and make it easy at first and IMPORTANT – make it last just 30 mins and do it only 3 time s a week.

Reader: “You’re crazy … How will I get fit doing that?”

Well, if you can stick to it for the rest of your life because your CNS can cope with it. 30 mins x 3 times a week is a whole lot better than going 2hrs every day for 1 week and giving up.  Make sense now?

Reader: “Oh yes, and if I manage that easily, then I can do more!”

Precisely, you’re CNS is like your muscles and it will get stronger meaning you will be able to do more. You’re a very clever reader!

The next article in the series will recommend a basic exercise plan to set your body up to burn calories and get you stronger and fitter. A better role model for your babies and children.

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