Potty Training the Toddlers

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One of the most stressful times in a parent’s life is the point where their toddler begins potty training. While it’s going to be a bit tough, being prepared will take the added stress off of your shoulders. We’ve curated a few tips and tricks to help you both make it through this time in life.


Expect a wet bed

Have realistic expectations; toddlers will take time to understand the new arrangement of using the potty. After all, toddlers are so used to having a diaper to pee in. This is why it is extremely important to use a mattress protector, so you won’t have to go through multiple mattress or hundreds of dollars at a cleaner. Protect-A-Bed mattress toppers will allow your child to sleep like normal and not on a foreign plastic sheet.  

Purchase a Wee Target

Potty training boys can be tougher than potty training girls. However, you should make it fun for them by purchasing something like a Wee Target. Each target has a picture on it and the child must aim for that picture. This will help them not pee all over the seat and walls. Each target will turn a different color when peed on, so your little ones cannot get away with saying they did, when they didn’t!

Padded toilet seat

Your toddler won’t be using a small plastic training potty for long. When they’re able to use the adult toilet, putting a padded training seat on will help them become more motivated to sit on it and to feel more secure. They will think of it less as a loud monster and more as another toy. With different designs including glow in the dark prints and a soft padding, this will welcome them to go to the bathroom like an adult. The best part is that you don’t have to get your hands dirty while removing it. A special lever will take this off.

This is one of the many milestones a child needs to reach early on in life. Some schools will not allow you to enroll your child without having them potty trained, so making this mandatory milestone should be a fun learning experience for your child. It’s okay to reward them with stickers or other incentives for them successfully going to the potty. It’s also important to remind them that they won’t always receive prizes for going potty, as it’s a normal part of life. Also be prepared for irritated bottoms at the beginning of this milestone, as children do not know how to wipe properly. Powder and natural ointments can help combat a chafed bum. Chafing may also come with training pants; much like it may have when you first started using diapers on your little one. Training pants are great for your child who is brand new to potty training, but still needs a little extra security when out in public for longer periods of time.

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