Can I use Massage in Pregnancy?

Massage in pregnancy
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The benefits of massage during pregnancy

The arrival of a child is an amazing addition to the family, however not all woman find pregnancy a joy. The strain that is placed on the body during pregnancy can cause pain and discomfort, this is especially true of the joints in the body. There is often extra weight carried and fatigue can be felt as the pregnancy moves into the later stages.

Why Massage is good

There are many niggling problems that may occur during pregnancy. These are often minor and although not threatening to the mother, may be very uncomfortable or painful such as swelling of the legs, joint pain or anxietyaboutthe birth and new arrival.

Although the body position is different during massage in pregnancy, as the women would find it more comfortable to lie on her side, the masseuse does not need to employ a specialist massage. Gentler massage techniques however, are best to use during pregnancy such as Swedish massage.

Essential Oils in Pregnancy

The use of essential oils will have to be monitored as some are not suitable for use during pregnancy. A qualified masseuse will be able toadvise on this matter.

Among the benefits of massage are that swelling of the legs may be reduced due to the gentle manipulation of the muscleswhich will also help to improve circulation giving tired lags a boost; joints will feel more relaxed, and tension, stress and anxiety are reduced due to the relaxing nature of the treatment; this can help lead to a more stress free pregnancy, which means the baby is also more relaxed.

Some women will even have massage during labor; this helps to relax the mother, often making the birth easier and less stressful for both mother and baby.

(Always check that the oils you are using are suitable for pregnancy. Some e.g. clary sage can be harmful.)

Massage post-partum a luxury worth indulging

The birth can be quite a traumatic time for both mother and baby and the mothers body can take some time to adjust to her post pregnancy and delivery state. Post-partum massages are often given up to several weeks after the birth; this should be cleared by a doctor beforehand and often it is recommended that the scar from a caesarean is healed well before massage. Although, massaging of a scar can help it to fade, the recommended massage is a full body massage daily.  Whilst this can seem costly in both time and money, having one at least once a week will have many benefits, not only is it time for the mother to have to themselves, something that will help to reduce stress on her mind, but a massage will also help to strengthen the muscles that have been stretched during pregnancy, massage will also help joints to feel stronger and provide a sense of wellbeing.

(A note on baby massages:Whilst often beneficial to the baby, massages they must be performed by a specialist baby masseuse.)

Massages both during and post pregnancy can seem a luxury but are often needed to give the mother relief from pain and discomfort and to give her much needed time for herself.




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