How to bath your newborn

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Most husbands avoid helping their wives in bathing their newborn, because they believe that it is a very difficult mission. But once they collaborate and practice it, they discover the opposite. This article gives you detailed steps to bathing your newborn..

Steps to bathing your newborn:
– Collaborate with your husband ahead of your baby bathing time and be prepared. Make sure to prepare cotton, diaper, clothes, warm water, napkin, ear sticks, empty cup and bathing prop (a board of clothing tied with metal frame, used to put the baby on it during bathing), sponge, hair and body soap and a towel.
– Let your husband take off your baby’s clothes gently and keep the diaper. Then ask him to cover the baby with a delicate quilt and hold him properly, he should put one hand under the baby’s head and the other on the back.
– Start with cleaning your baby’s face. Immerse the cotton with water and wipe your baby’s eyes while closed from inside to outside, then dry them with the napkin in the same direction.
– Immerse another piece of cotton with water and wipe your baby’s face then dry it with the napkin.
– Immerse the ear stick with water and clean your baby’s nose and ears. Make sure to remain delicate while cleaning your baby and don’t rub the little baby each bath, to let the body clean itself.
– Check the warmth of the water using your elbow, not your palm. Remove the diaper and start pouring water on your baby’s hair using a cup. Make sure to avoid water contact with your little baby’s eyes.
– Put a little soap on your baby’s head, gently rub and clean it and remove dandruff. Rinse the head with water and avoid eye contact.
– Dry your baby’s head well using the towel to keep the baby warm.
– Ask your husband to hold the baby so you can clean his body. The father should put the baby’s head and neck on his elbow, the rest of the baby’s body on his hand, while leaning on the prop.
– Gently pour water on your baby’s body, then put soap on the sponge and rub gently. Clean the bends such as the neck, armpits, hands and feet.
– Rinse the soap with water.
– Help your husband to change the baby’s position by flipping the little baby on his belly, his face should be on your husband’s elbow, while holding the upper part of the baby’s body with his hands. Make sure the baby is breathing while in the new position.
– Gently pour water on your baby’s body and rub it with the sponge. Clean the bends such as the bottom of the knee, and then rinse with water.
– Wrap your baby’s body once you finish bathing, to keep him warm. Try to dry every area of the body, especially between bends, because humidity could causes skin dermatitis.
– Avoid water contact with your baby’s mouth. Most babies cry during bath, which increases the chances of contaminated water entry to their mouth.
– Collaborate with your husband to put the diaper then dress the little baby.

These were the detailed steps to bath your newborn. We recommend that you exchange roles with your husband, so once you do the holding while your husband does the bathing and the opposite next time. You should insist that your husband joins you in bathing the newborn, because this is an enjoyable experience and takes off a big burden off your shoulder.

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