How can you help during labor?!

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During labor, women need support from all those around her, especially her partner. Nowadays, men became more aware of their role during this stage; this is evidenced through their desire to attend childbirth. In contrast, there are husbands who still believe that they should not see their wives in this position. In case you wish your husband to be with you during this experience, the following lines show you how he can help you during labor…

How you can help during labor:

Studies have highlighted the importance of husband’s presence besides his wife during labor. The husband can improve the labor process, thus leaving positive impact on the mother and baby’s health. The husband gives moral and physical support to his wife, which are most needed if it was her first pregnancy. All this depends on the husband’s decision to attend his wife’s labor. The most important things men can offer their wives during this process are:

– The husband should start preparing to attend childbirth since the beginning of his wife’s pregnancy, as pregnancy was a joint decision. The husband should also be with his wife during regular visits to the doctor to see the unborn baby and learn about its development. These steps make him more excited to attend the birth.

– The wife’s healthcare professional would offer some tips to the husband to prepare him for this stage since the beginning of pregnancy.

– The husband should attend courses with the wife before childbirth, so he can remind you with the basics you were trained on, such as breathing, expressing pain, pain control during childbirth. They also include the exercises that will help in facilitating the process, and how to breastfeed your baby immediately after birth.

– The husband’s presence next to his wife during labor is important when making quick decisions, such as converting from natural birth to CS, the need to vacuum extraction, or blood transfusion, because you will be under strong psychological pressure and not able to take any decision. Therefore, the role of the husband is to take quick decisions that best suit you and your baby.

– The husband should keep calm and avoid stress while attending labor, because all this will be reflected on the wife.

– The husband needs to talk to his wife during delivery, help her feel that she can do it, thus reducing her feeling of pain.

– The husband will help his wife to move. He can also bring her what she needs, making the wife feel that she is the focus of his interest and that he is there just for her not only for the baby.

– The husband awaits for the baby to come out so he can ask the doctor to let him cut the umbilical cord himself. When the baby is ready, both the mother and father can hug the newborn and take a photo, which is one in a lifetime.

After reading this, it is obvious that being with your wife during labor could boost your relationship and make you see the pain your wife went through during delivery. Following these practical steps would help you provide support to your wife during labor.

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