Home remedies for children – tummy trouble

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Tummy ache

Tummy aches are one of the most common childhood ailments. However this has always been the case and many traditional remedies exist. You may also want to prevent tummy aches before they happen and this is often achieved through monitoring your child’s diet.

Breastfeeding and wind

One of the most common causes of tummy aches in babies is wind. Burping your baby can help, but so can examining your diet if you are breastfeeding.

The most prevalent cause of wind are dairy products, wheat, eggs, vegetables in the cabbage family, and beans.

Other offenders that not only cause wind but may make a child irritable include: caffeine, chocolate, and spices.  Careful examination of your child’s diet and elimination of the offending food can often prevent tummy aches before they start.

You’ll know if a certain food is giving your baby wind, when you reintroduce it into your diet. If it’s a culprit, your baby will start screaming within hours after feeding.

Prunes for easing constipation

There’s a reason prunes have a reputation for promoting regularity: Prunes are high in sorbitol, a type of sugar alcohol shown to have a mild laxative effect.

Adding prunes to your feeding regimen is advisable if your baby is straining to poop and the stools are hard,

For constipation, Baby-Arabia recommends hydrating and chopping a few organic prunes.  Babies don’t have notions about whether such combinations are tasty or normal, they typically eat with relish because prunes are sweet.

Chamomile Calms

The tea that helps you take the edge off can do the same for your baby, too.

A traditional treatment for digestive problems and insomnia, chamomile tea can be used with your baby to ease tummy trouble.

To make a compress, add two to three spoons of chamomile to a bowl of hot water and leave for 3 minutes. Soak a cotton cloth in the chamomile infusion, wring it out, and place it on your baby’s abdomen and cover. Make sure the cloth isn’t too hot. To keep the compress warm, you can top it with a hot water bottle. Keep it in place for 10 to 15 minutes.

Some herbal and home remedies can help with colic and sleep problems. Talk to your child’s health care provider before giving your child any home or herbal remedy.

Natural remedies are in no way a replacement for modern medicine and must be seen as an aid to be used in conjunction.  If you have any doubts as to the health of your child seek medical advice.

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