Healthy Food Myths

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If I only was working in the ministry of education, I would include nutrition into the curriculums – from the primary school on. Because quite often it’s not just the lifestyle of my clients that’s to blame for weight and health problems but just some misinformation or the lack of knowledge. 

Here are 5 misconceptions I keep hearing on a daily basis:

1. Cow’s milk is the best source of calcium.

So wrong! While it does contain calcium, I recommend against cow’s milk. Its protein molecules can hardly be processed by the human system; there are much better and richer sources of calcium, such as broccoli.

2. Honey is a healthier sweetener than sugar. 

No! It really makes no difference; both sugar and honey are so-called monosaccharides, and they are metabolized in the exact same way. 

3. Chocolate is bad for you – and fattening. 

Oh no, chocolate can actually be good for you. Great news, right? Just make sure to choose the good stuff! Find all the details in my post Your License To… Eat Chocolate. 

4. It’s particularly healthy to eat your greens. 

Not quite! While it’s true that the greens are an excellent addition to your daily dietary plan, it’s better to “eat the rainbow” with every meal – a diverse amount of foods in a variety of colors. 

5. Healthy eating is about deprivation.

Au contraire! Healthy eating is about more choices, more taste, and much more pleasure. Any unbalanced diet on the other hand is doomed to failure, and our metabolism only works properly if we are happy about our nutritional plans. Many people have never learned or maybe forgotten how much variety in foods and ways of preparation exist; many don’t remember or don’t know the great real taste of foods free from artificial flavorings and other additives. How about (re-)discovering, learning and enjoying?



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