Fun to do:  Treasure map!

fun to do treasure map
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Give your children an adventure in their own home!

Bored children

Bored children are a parent’s worst nightmare. They constantly pester and want food. They complain and argue and if left too long, things will normally end in tears. Why not give them a fun adventure?!

A fun solution to boredom

Kids love adventures and with some thought and creativity it is possible to capture their imaginations and send them on a pirate adventure, or a secret expedition to the darkest reaches of the pyramids: all in your own home.

What you will need

Every adventure needs a map. Draw a rough outline of your house. You will need one sheet of paper for each floor or story of your home, and make sure you get room sizes and positions on the map correct.

An adventure also needs treasure. A few sweets, some cheap dress jewelry and a few coins will make excellent treasure, but you might also include a favorite book or a toy.  Anything is OK so long as the children think it is treasure.

Place the “treasure” in various places around the house with the main secret and important treasure at the end. This could be the jewelry as children will believe an old broach or ear ring is precious, just so long as you tell them so. Try to hide the treasure slightly maybe under a teddy bear or a bed.

Now draw the “treasure” on your plan. Your map might include clues as how to find the hidden treasure, such as a picture of a Teddy bear with a sweet underneath. Just make sure the clue is understandable to your child, and appropriate for their age and understanding.

Now it’s time to tell your children a story. It could be about pirates, super heroes or pyramid explorers, just fire up their imagination and send them off to complete the quest – to find the hidden treasure!

What next?

After all this fun you can sit the kids down with a piece of paper and some colors and let them draw their own maps or an exciting picture of the adventure they had.

Have fun!



A fun idea to turn your house into a land of adventure. All you need is a piece of paper some coins or old jewellery and some imagination.  Have fun



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