What to Expect in a Second Pregnancy

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What  to Expect in a Second Pregnancy


No two pregnancies will be the same, and in your second (or third, or forth and so on), pregnancy, you will probably experience different symptoms at different times, and you may feel a whole new mix of emotions at the thought of looking after your current children whilst pregnant.

Differences from your first pregnancy


With at least one previous pregnancy, you will already feel slightly more confident the second time around, as you will have a better idea about what your body is doing and already be prepared for your needs during pregnancy. Due to your past experience and knowledge, as well as being preoccupied by your current child, you will probably not feel the need, (nor have the time!) to do as much reading and research about pregnancy as you did the first time around.

Despite thinking you have your pregnancy all figured out, from your previous pregnancy, you might be surprised the second time around by differing food aversions and cravings. The second time around you may also find that you are not so fixated on the fact that you are pregnant as you were before. Despite bringing new life into the world being a joyous thing, you may find yourself not quite as excited as you were the first time you were pregnant, and you have too much else to think about when you have another child on the go!

Unfortunately, your baby bump will be unlikely to have the same aesthetic roundness, and will proably be just a little bit droopier and less toned than before. However on the bright side, hopefully anxieties and paranoia will not haunt you as much as they did during your first pregnancy, and you will feel much more confident in your ability as a mother both during and post pregnancy.

More than one child


Many women during their second pregnancy do not think about being pregnant as much as they did during their first pregnancy due to being too preoccupied by their current child (or toddler). A common fear amongst second-time-pregnant women is that they will favor one child and that they will not be able to love both children equally. The immensity of a mother’s love is underestimated, you do not half your love when your new bundle arrives, you suddenly feel more love!

Try to make your current child feel included, by explaining things to them and letting them interact with your baby bump, throughout your pregnancy and when your new born gets home; so as to prevent your eldest child from feeling any resentment or envy towards their younger sibling. Make them feel important by emphasizing the role of being a big brother or sister, and they will love the baby as much as you will!






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