Drugs in pregnancy

drugs in pregnancy
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Medications can pose risk to unborn children!

Drugs both illegal and prescribed can be dangerous to an unborn baby’s health.  Most people know that illegal drugs and alcohol are to be avoided, but you must also be very careful with prescribed medications, or those bought over the counter, both before and during pregnancy.

A classic example

Thalidomide was a drug first used to treat anxiety and insomnia. However during the 1960’s and 70’s the drug was used to combat nausea and was given to pregnant women for morning sickness. This was disastrous as evidence later proved that the drug was responsible for a host of deformities and deaths in children whose mothers were given this drug while pregnant. 

Don’t be alarmed though, because of cases such as this, drug companies are much more thorough in their development of new drugs. Today drugs are tested extensively and years of research are conducted before a drug is released and used by doctors.

The lesson has been learned – be very careful with medications before during and after pregnancy!


All women who are considering pregnancy should seek medical advice as to what drugs are safe and must tell their doctor if they are using a medication. Equally they must let their doctor know if they are considering having a baby or are pregnant.

Doctors have a host of information on drug interactions and the effects of drugs on the unborn baby and will be able to tell you if a drug is safe or not.

Do not worry.  Usually even a drug that is considered risky has a small chance of affecting your baby and as long as you stop taking it as soon as possible, everything should be alright.

Just be honest and take advice.

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