“Dr. Internet” Is Not Always Right

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There is no longer any doubt that “Dr. Internet” is often the first doctor we consult for any medical condition our children are exposed to.

But this medical consultation may not always be “healthy” or true!

It is a simple “push of a button” on your cell phone or the search key on your computer, but it may lead you to a lot of conflicting information and misdiagnosis based on general symptoms.

You may end up confused and make a medical error, the results of which do not protect your children’s health. The most dangerous aspect of all is that this habit, reinforced by the language of the age and general availability of a great amount of information and common mistakes, may also damage your confidence in your children’s doctor or make you doubt their diagnosis.

  • On this note, doctors agree that it is of the utmost necessity to schedule a medical consultation if any of your children’s symptoms continue for more than three days.
  • Remember that it is one of a doctor’s tasks to guide parents to trustworthy medical sites, and don’t take chances by reading information spread at random on the Internet.
  • Know that part of doctors’ duty to parents is to provide them with all available answers regarding their children’s condition.
  • Remember that “telemedicine”, or virtual treatment, is also a “medical mistake”. According to Google, 1 out of 20 searches on its giant search engine is linked to health issues.
  • The role of ministries of health in the Arab world remains essential in furthering their electronic health programs, which encourage the correct medical use of the information on the Internet.
  • Doctor or Internet? The question does not need a lot of thought because the human emotional dimension between doctor and patient remains central. Telemedicine should consist only of preliminary advice—not more.

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