My Child Vomits Up His Medicine; What Do I Do?

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It’s a real nightmare that parents experience when their child is sick and they are unable to give them the medicine the doctor prescribed.

Vomiting up medicine is a critical situation we face with children that often leaves parents panicked and worried about the possibility of their child’s situation worsening, which would force them to move the child to the hospital.

Here is something to help you overcome this ordeal, especially if the doctor insists that you give your sick child specific doses of medicine:

  • You must not let your child see your concern when they vomit a dose of antibiotics, cough medicine or fever reducer, as this may increase their aversion to the medicine approaching their mouth.
  • It is alright to mix liquid medicine with other liquids like milk, juice or tea, as this may dilute the taste bothering the child.
  • It is also possible to resort to a syringe to get the medicine into the child’s mouth, gently closing their nose to prevent them from smelling it.
  • Make sure to keep the dosage of medicine in the syringe from being so large that they can’t swallow it or that it causes choking.
  • Stop trying to give them the medicine if they continue crying or refusing it, and aim to entertain them or make them laugh to distract them from the fact that you are insisting that they take the medicine, then try again.
  • There are medicines that come in capsules that can be opened and poured into food, or ground and added to fruit. However, it is best to ask your doctor or pharmacist because some of these are placed in capsules specifically to avoid contact with the tongue or gums.
  • Finally, remember to note the quantity of medicine your child swallows and the quantity they vomit so as not to risk giving them an extra dose when you try again.

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