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Double Bracket: Never force your child to eat anything, but do offer on different occasions.Feeding time can be a task for most parents of babies between 6-9 months! At this age, children are active and curious and they can create a big fuss! Feeding time is the most important time for the proper growth and development of a child. At 6- 9 months 2 to 3 meals along with 1 or 2 snacks and essentially mother’s milk make up the complete day’s diet. The amount varies from child to child. If your baby is eating, small quantities through the day, and is active and alert, relax! Don’t overfeed the child and let the child tell you in actions when he or she is full or hungry.


Certain Feeding Time Tips-

  •  Start letting the child eat while sitting on a high chair. This makes the child independent and also signals meal time to the child. Sit in front of the child while feeding.
  • Wait for your child to signal when they are finished eating. A child will open the mouth when it wants more food, let your child decide.
  • Don’t try to hurry! A child may take time to taste and swallow and be ready for the next bite. The pace is set by a child.
  • It’s okay to let your baby play with food. Let them touch and feel the food, as long as they are eating it.
  • When introducing new foods never force a child. If the child rejects a food type, stop and try again a few days later.
  • Try to eat at the same time as the baby to reinforce the point for ‘family meal time’.
  • Pay full attention to the signs and expressions of a baby during meal time. These are the way a baby tells you what he likes, does not, how much or little it wants. Pay attention!

Feeding time will slowly become easier as the child understands the certain rules you set. It is important to set the basics of food habits and food time etiquettes from an age as young as 6-9 months. If a child is playing with food while eating it’s okay but if the child plays and makes a mess and throws the food around, put an end to that play time! The mother and a child can communicate through signs and expressions during feeding time. It’s important to make it fun for both of you!



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