When Can My Child Start Bathing Themselves?

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At around age four, you will start to notice your toddler demanding more independence in washing themselves every week, even asking to bathe alone.

You feel simultaneously proud and worried about whether they will be able to do it on their own.

What are the steps that guarantee that children can bathe alone, safe and sound?

  • Your toddler is three years old? Alright, begin by making them wash specific areas of their body—for example, their legs—with the necessary instructions.
  • Never leave them alone in the bathroom because they could have a number of accidents, not the least of which is slipping.
  • After they finish washing themselves alone, you may confirm together that they have completed the task as necessary, and they will be happy with their achievement.
  • Know that each child has their own rhythm in learning and developing, so do not expect them to succeed in washing themselves well the first few times. Be patient.
  • Be aware that the easiest start for them is imitating the movement of your hands. Beginning from age five, your child can wash themselves, provided that you stay in the bathroom to observe them, which will ensure both their safety and cleanliness.
  • Be aware that around age six, your child will take special care to wash their private parts by themselves, to prove to you they are “grown up” and that they deserve your trust. Nonetheless, tell them that you will stay in the bathroom to wash their back or adjust the water temperature when they need it.
  • Finally, put down a non-slip mat on the bathtub floor to prevent slipping. Use a shampoo that is easy for them to open. Hang a mirror in the bathroom so that they can make sure their hair has been rinsed well. Cover the hot water faucet with a washcloth to avoid burning. Hang their towel at a height that is appropriate for them.

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