Bonding with Dad – Fun Things to Do with Your Toddler

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Double Bracket: It is often as the world of toddlerhood opens up that Dad and toddler start to have the real fun!

When your child is born, it is very common for the mother and child to bond instantly. From the moment she holds her new child, to the first time she bathes him, a mother has a special connection with her child. It’s important to not forget that the father had just as much an importance in a new child entering the world as the mother did. A healthy balance of attention from both mother and father will ensure a baby grows up in a properly supportive environment.

Here are a few ideas for new fathers to do with their toddlers: 

Go Outdoors: Whilst the digital age is thriving with tablets to both educate, and entertain your children, it is all very much a part of the everyday, outdoor play and exercise are essential. Toddlers have an unrelenting energy, and what a better place to unleash their excitement for the day, than outdoors – you can have great fun playing with a ball, flying a kite or just exploring – the possibilities of the outdoors are endless!



  • Picnics: Not only can you enjoy a picnic with your toddler, but you can also bond in the preparation. Create food that your toddler can easily assemble; giving them options of what foods go together in a sandwich or salad.
  • The Zoo: Take your toddler to a wildlife sanctuary and be the one to introduce them to new animals. This is both educational and exciting for a young child to see as well as great fun for you both. 
  • Playground: Take your toddler to a playground for exercise and to meet other children his age.   

Stay Indoors: Sometimes, an outing with a toddler can be overwhelming for you both, but there are many things you can do together without leaving the house!

  • Daddy and me day: Spend the day together. Whether you build a fort, or bake cookies, keep the day exclusive to you and toddler for a special bonding experience!
  • Help Mum out: Show your toddler how to help mommy clean, pick up things around the house, and cook. This is also a great way to spend time together as a family.
  • Create: Children, especially toddlers love to draw and paint. Put out some blank paper, markers, and paint brushes and see what creativity your child has.
  • Storytime: However, cuddling and reading a story together is the perfect way to wind down the day whilst bonding with your toddler!

These a just a few ideas to help make those special memories between you and your toddler!


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