Become Grocery-List-Savvy!

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What images pop up in your head when you think about losing weight? There are certain things related to it, and mostly those are not really positive: the process is tedious, requires a lot of planning, passion and stamina. Whoa! Yet here are a few simple, easy fat-burning tweaks to implement into your daily shopping and nutrition routine.

These are my 3 top tips.

1. More Protein!

Eating high protein foods can boost fat burning and reduce hunger – thus leading to an ‘automatic’ weight loss.

A study conducted by the American Society for Clinical Nutrition has shown that consuming 30% more protein-rich foods can lead reduce your daily calorie intake by 441 kcal. Proteins are also vital for healthy muscles, and as everybody knows, the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn, even when resting!

When putting together your next grocery list, don’t forget legumes (peas, almonds, nuts), fish (cod, pollock), and poultry (organic only please!).

2. More Dietary Fiber!

Choose foods low in energy density – high in water and fiber-rich. Vegetables are particularly rich in soluble fiber! They fill you up while helping you burn fat: intestinal bacteria break down soluble fiber, with the amino acid called butyrate as one of the results. Butyrate is believed to significantly reduce obesity.
Further on, your grocery list should include a variety of vegetables, such as artichokes, kale, Brussels sprouts, broccoli as well as mushrooms (in particular: porcini and oyster mushrooms).

3. For Cooking, Frying and Baking: Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a fantastic product: it can reduce your appetite and increase fat burning. It’s loaded with Medium Chain Triglycerides that go to the liver straight and are used for energy. Studies from France (Institut Européen des Sciences du Goût et des Comportements Alimentaires) show that just 30ml coconut oil per day may cause significant reduction in waist circumference! So you don’t need to wolf down huge amounts of it, simply use it instead of your standard cooking fat for visible results.


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