Beauty & Health & Detox in Dubai

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It’s in the newspapers, TV, the Web… You surely hear it every day how you could keep your body healthy and beautiful. 
From everywhere it shouts: You should live and eat healthy. And it all seems so easy but when you try these methods it never works out?
Well, this can be changed! 

In private and individual consultations I will give you in-depth information about how your body works, what your body needs and how you can start to be healthy and beautiful right away. 

My program includes:

  • Slim down
  • Hair loss
  • Pregnancy & Mommy & Child
  • Beautiful Hair/ Skin/ Nails
  • Classic Detoxing 
  • and Supporting treatments for various diseases.

Send me an email to schedule an exclusive appointment in Dubai in March or April:
I am looking forward to work with you and change your body, health and well-being – for a beautiful new you inside and out!

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