5 smart line & design figure fixes

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Large Bust: Stay away from high crew necklines and opt for V shaped to break up the space. Avoid draped or ruffled necklines. Go for sleeves that finish above or below your bust line, as not to create one wide horizontal line. Choose solid colors over print. Shiny fabric like satin and some silk makes the area look larger, go for sheen or matte instead. Remember that round adds pounds, so pass up the scoop neckline, the polka dots, round collars in shirts and jackets and any accessories such as a necklace that sits in a round semi circle over your bust!

Heavy arms: Stay away from the capped sleeve; opt for one with more room in the arm cut such as the dolman or bell sleeve. Make sure the sleeve is longer than wider. Make it end at your narrowest part. Avoid puffy sleeves, shoulder pads and a cut out color on the sleeve. Go for fabric with a nice drape, lycra and cotton will only emphasize the size.

Wide Hips: Stay away from tapered pants or skirts; opt for straight leg or a bit of flare. Avoid pleats, round pockets and stretchy fabrics. The fabric is right when it skims the curves, not hug. Light and bright colors attract attention and make the wearer look heavier, so don’t wear them around your hips. Avoid stripes in skirts or pants as the horizontal ones make you look wider and the vertical ones go wavy around the hips. Avoid belts that sit on your hips and any embellishment or design that will point at it.

Large tummy: Avoid tops or jackets that end at or right below your stomach level, go for longer ones instead that bypass the area. Stretch and shine is a definite no. Dress in tone on tone colors from head to toe and break it up with an accessory or colored jacket or scarf. Stay away from empire line cuts to avoid getting the pregnant look. Just think in straight vertical lines with no interruptions. Stay away from belts. Go for side zippers, as they will flatten out the tummy.

Muffin Top: Avoid getting that effect or pointing to it by staying away from the low waist pants. Opt for medium waist and cover up by layering. A thin tee will only hug your love handles, go for a thicker fabric and try adding a soft cardigan or structured blazer on top.

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