Your newborn.. This is how I will look like mom

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A new mother might face a mixed feeling of happiness and anxiety, being so excited to welcome the new member who will change her life, but at the same time, not knowing how the new baby will look like, and worrying about how she will deal with the little one during the first moments. On behalf of you newborn, we will let you know the most important things and characteristics at this stage.

Baby size

After delivery, you will be surprised with the size of baby, but don’t worry. This is normal, as long as your doctor tells you that the weight is perfect. The most prominent feature of your baby is the big head; it looks bigger and out of proportion with his body and almost invisible neck. The little one will have tiny feet but broad thighs. Your baby head will also be slightly pointed, due to being in a narrow space, especially in the case of natural birth, in which the baby moves through a very tight space, this is why you will find the baby’s body swollen a little bit.

Soft areas

Once you hold your baby, you might be worried about the small and soft body, but you don’t have to worry and hold your little miracle. You will note that the head is soft, this is normal and is designed to facilitate his passage through the cervix. The back of the head remains soft for up to 4 months, the front takes between 9 to 18 months to close.

Baby’s skin and color

Another feature of a newborn is that the limbs tend to be blue days after birth. The lips will also look pink, due to being in the womb for 9 months.
As for the baby skin, it tends to be transparent, because of its ultimate tenderness. As the baby grows day by day, these things disappear with time.

Baby’s hair

Because of the genes, your newborn’s hair will look like your, the father or grandparents hair. Generally speaking, the permanent hair color will not appear now, and it will change more than once until the age of five. Your baby might be born without hair, very light hair or heavy hair.

Baby’s eyes color

If your baby was born with gray eyes, often this is not the final color. It will change to brown with time, which is the eye color of the majority of children in the Arab world. Unless in the case of having genes of colored eyes, like blue or green. In general, the baby eyes’ color could be identified after few months.

Now, after you have recognized your baby’s features in detail, are you still worried to have him between your arms?!

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