What should a nursing mother eat and avoid?

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Mothers should pay attention to her healthy and balanced food during the lactation period more than ever. Therefore, you need to take care of what you eat. Here are some of the most important tips and the suitable food options for nursing mothers, as well as the food you should avoid..

-A nursing mother should eat various fruit and vegetables 5 times a day. She can have a cucumber, an apple, a carrot and a kiwi, and so on. The portions should be medium-sized. The mother should also drink fresh juices.

-In order to have a balanced diet, you should have carbohydrates, but preferably the ones rich in fibers, such as brown bread, oats, and any carbohydrates made of brown flour.

-You should also consider protein intake, since it is important for your baby, but you should focus on low-fat proteins such as skinless chicken. Eat fish twice a week because it contains Omega-3. We recommend shrimps or salmon only.

-Make sure to drink milk every day, preferably twice, because it contains the calcium needed for the development of your baby.

-Drink a lot of water. It is as important as breathing, sleeping and other daily tasks. It helps in milk production and compensates the fluids that your body lose. Drink eight glasses of water daily and always keep water close to you so as not to forget it.

-Hot drinks are also an important element for your and your baby’s health. Such drinks include anise and green tea, which are of a great importance during the lactation period.

Here is a list of foods the nursing mother should avoid:

-Avoid drinks that contain caffeine because they are harmful to the baby and may cause your baby to suffer insomnia just like you. Some of these are fizzy drinks and coffee.

-You should also avoid nuts because they may cause allergy and irritation to the baby’s skin.

-Stay away from foods that cause gases, such as cabbage, broccoli, and other foods that cause gases.

-Garlic changes the taste of the milk, thus preventing your baby from enjoying breastfeeding. The baby might stop nursing completely because of garlic; so avoid it.

-While you should eat fruit, you need to avoid citrus such as oranges, tangerines; as they can cause allergy to the babies and some pain in their stomach.

Our final advice is to think about what you eat. Remember that healthy food is of a great benefit to your baby, while unhealthy food is bad for the little one.


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