Verrucae in children

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What is a verruca

A Verruca is a type of wart caused by a virus. How do you know someone has it? A Verruca is a black spot which can vary in shape and size. Often the skin will be slightly raised and hardened and the contour lines of the skin will deviate around the spot. Sometimes it is painful to stand or walk on verruca.

Is my child’s verruca infectious?

Yes. Verruca are very infectious. They are probably spread on damp or wet surfaces for example bathroom floors, showers and swimming pool areas. School age children and young adults are more often affected. Verrucae may also be spread during other bare foot activities such as gymnastics.

What is the incubation period for my child’s verruca?

The incubation period is the time taken from contact with the virus to infection. For a verruca 2-3 months is common but it can be longer. (The time taken from contact with the virus to infection.)

What is the treatment for Verrucae?

Verrucae normally disappear without any treatment within months to years. If the Verruca is painful, very large or there are lots of them, then treatment might be necessary. It is best to first arrange a visit to your doctor before buying treatment over the counter. Your doctor may treat you or refer your child on to a Podiatrist/Chiropodist or hospital outpatient department.

What should you do if your child has a Verruca?

Cover the Verruca with a rubber sock or impervious waterproof plaster when the foot is going to become wet or damp for example swimming, showering or bathing. Visit your child’s doctor if the Verruca is sore. Follow the instructions on any prescribed treatments, some of these are acid based substances and must be used with care. Your child does need to stay away from nursery or school and can go swimming or to the gym if the Verrucae is covered with an impervious waterproof plaster.

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