Steps to wean your baby
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Weaning is an annoying and tiring stage for both; the mother and the baby. But to get over it, you should choose the appropriate time and follow the right way. But, what is the most appropriate time to wean your baby?! How to do it?! What are the reasons behind weaning failure?! .. Here are the answers to these questions in details..

What is the most appropriate time to wean the baby?!

Preferably, a baby should be breastfed from birth until the age of six months. After that, a baby should have some meals beside breast-feeding until the age of nine months; which is the beginning of weaning stage. Make sure that the baby is in good health when you plan to start weaning. In addition, weaning the baby during the time of vaccination is a wrong choice, because it affects the baby’s immunity. If a working mother was forced to return to her job after giving birth, she should start weaning before she returns to work, to avoid any shocks for the baby.

How to wean the baby?!

It is very important to take a gradual approach to weaning, because doing it at once will cause a shock to the baby and will close the milk ducts of the mother. The first step to wean a baby is to skip one nursing the baby takes during the day, provided that the skipped meal is not the morning or evening meal. Since they are the best two meals, they should be replaced by food or formula. This should be repeated for a week. Then repeat the same step with fewer nursing. Decrease the number of meals by one every week, until they become two meals a day, one each twelve hours. The next week, skip one meal, and in the week after skip the last. Following these steps would help you wean your baby without adversely affecting the baby. It also creates a balance for mother’s hormones.

What are the causes of weaning failure?!

– Choosing the wrong time: This requires postponing the following attempt of weaning for one to two months.

– Family issues: Feeding means comfort and safety for the baby. The occurrence of family problems like divorce or death, for example, causes weaning failure during this critical period.

– If the baby is sick: A sick baby often seeks breastfeeding in order to feel comfort and safety, leading to the failure of weaning.

Important tips about weaning:

– Remember that weaning is an inevitable; and your baby will not remain engaged to you through breastfeeding forever. Be brave and patient until you achieve your goal and wean your baby completely.

– Avoid delaying weaning until your baby turns one, because at this age it becomes very difficult.

– Make sure to accustom your baby to feeding using the bottle from the beginning of the weaning process. It is recommended to start with breast milk in the bottle, so your baby accepts and get used to it, then fill it with formula. Formula should be a substitute for the meal that is dispensable weekly.

– Choose a feeding bottle with a soft and short nipple, and make sure that the surrounding area is broad. The baby accepts it faster than others, because it is similar to mother’s breast.

– Let your partner or someone else give your baby a meal with the feeding bottle, so that the baby gets used to drinking milk while you are away. This will speed up weaning.

– Drink a glass of boiled sage daily to relieve the painful inflammation of the breast that accompanies the weaning period.

This was the detailed process of weaning your baby. We have also provided you with amazing tips to ease the burden of this stage. You only need to follow the steps calmly with a bit of patience to wean your baby in the best way ever.

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