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Babies sleep a lot! Sleeping is a part of wholesome growth and development.  Some parents worry because their baby sleeps all day, but it is normal for babies between 3-6 months of age to sleep through most of the day. As long as your baby is getting the right food and nutrition, sleeping is not a point of concern. The baby wakes up for a little while, generally for a feed, and is active and alert for a while before going back to a sleep.

Double Bracket: Babies at this age are ready to start sleep training – they will find a routine and, importantly, with some help from you it can fit in with your sleep routine too!

Including night time sleep, a baby at 3 months generally sleeps for around 15 hours in a day. It is important to regularize a sleeping pattern for a child as old as 4 months. By this age babies develop a sleeping pattern that may coincide with your lifestyle. Sleep training starts now! To put your baby in the habit of sleeping for long hours at a stretch, you need to make some effort. Babies at this stage can sleep for a stretch of 8 hours without wanting a feed. Try to put your baby to bed at the same time as you to instill the habit of sleeping through the night. But, be prepared for long nights!


Like for an adult, try creating a set schedule of sleeping and waking hours. Try to put your baby to bed at these regular hours through the day. Set a bedtime routine that the child slowly adapts to. A bath and change, perhaps a quiet story or singing a lullaby, anything that says, ‘it’s time for bed!’ Most people think waking up a sleeping child so young is not right! If you want to set regular schedules and sleep patterns, wake up the child in the morning at a regular waking hour.


It is important to let your child sleep independently. Be around but let the child be on his or her own. Every time a child wakes up don’t rush to soothe the baby, let the child learn to wake up and go back to sleep on their own.


It might take some time but eventually every child sets a routine for themselves. Sleeping is a basic necessity for the child and for you! The parents need adequate sleep and rest too, to be able to keep up with the child’s needs and their own daily schedules. It’s best to set sleeping routines as early as 4-6 months of age.




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