Play with Your Baby – Fun Way to Learn

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Babies learn by playing and it’s important that you participate in various activities in order to ensure that your baby meets milestones and continues to develop properly. In most cases your child’s pediatrician will educate you on games you can play, and other things you and your baby can do together when they reach a certain age, that will help promote their well-being as well as their motor skills. We’ve compiled a list of some activities that you and your baby can play together allowing your baby to learn these key skills.

Double Bracket: Now is the time to look ahead at hazards … what your baby cannot reach today he or she may well be able to reach tomorrow!Be vigilant!

Around the three-month mark you can begin engaging your baby in tummy time, placing your baby on a soft blanket on their tummy, which allows them to strengthen their neck and upper trunk muscles. Tummy time also helps babies to build the foundation to be able to push up on all fours and eventually crawl around. Just watch out for signs they are getting tired as too long on their tummy can be a strain on the neck.


Reading is another great activity which you can engage with your baby in from the time they’re born. Even though they may not understand what you’re saying, when you read to them frequently, it helps them to learn to speak sooner, figure out how to make certain sounds and shapes with their mouth as they attempt to imitate you. This is also a great bonding process. Dad’s and siblings and other family members can all read to the baby who will enjoy the variety.


Talk to your baby and make everything a game when possible. Not only is this another great way to bond with your baby, but it helps them to expand vocal capabilities and makes learning more enjoyable for them. Babies learn that they’re loved and cared about as it’s considered a form of nurturing as well.


Walkers are a great way for baby to learn to play when they’re old enough and provide them with a sense of freedom. A good way to teach them the beginning stages of walking, it can strengthen their legs and engage them in various activities which keeps their hands and minds busy for a great source of entertainment.


Play dates with other parents and babies allow children to bond and socialize. It’s a great way for babies to not only show off what they know how to do, but can help in teaching other babies how to do the same activities. Not to mention babies love the interactions and it gives mommy time to bond with other adults which can be welcome company!


If you’re unsure if something may be age appropriate or what you can do to play with your baby and aid in their learning speak to your child’s pediatrician for some recommendations atyour child’s appointments.

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