Do Mothers Always Pick Out the Most Appropriate Clothing for Their Children?

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Color and Accessories Aren’t All There Is to Appropriate Clothing for Kids

The most appropriate clothes for children are determined by specific criteria, which mothers may not comply with because they usually can’t resist the fun colors of children’s clothes or their fine design or beautiful accessories.

However, the practical side of these clothes is of no little importance, either, as is knowing whether they are easy to wear and wash and suitable for children’s skin.

A simple guide to practical and healthy clothes for your child:

There are several considerations that must be taken into account when you buy your child’s clothes. You may not immediately be aware of them or may not give them your full attention.

Choose Safety First

Clothing stores, and even clothing factories, now have a number of very decorative designs, but they do not always take children safety standards (by age group) into consideration. You should start by avoiding clothes with buttons and decorative accessories that are close enough for your child to put them in their mouth, to protect them from choking.

Choose Comfort at Any Cost

Tight clothes are not recommended for children, no matter how attractive, as they impede early movements and restrict breathing. Choose your child’s clothes based on their size and not their age, and remember that children’s clothing sizes differ from one brand to another. It’s all right if the size you choose is a little bigger because before age one, children grow very quickly in size.

Choose Things That Are Easy to Wear

It’s no fun at all to choose beautiful clothes for the child that go with the latest fashion trend but are not easy to wear or take off. The time for changing the child’s clothes is supposed to be a fun playing break with their mother, not a “battle” with a wiggly child to do up the buttons or close the zipper.

It’s also preferable to choose clothes with loose sleeves instead of tight ones, to facilitate taking them off, as well as clothes with snaps between the thighs to make diaper changes easier.

Choose What Goes in the Washing Machine

Sometimes mothers race against the clock to find enough time to care for all of their children’s needs in addition to being busy with household and daily tasks. For this reason, it’s useful for them to choose children’s clothes that can be cleaned in the washing machine to save them the trouble of hand washing. In this regard, 100% cotton clothing is considered the best fabric because it’s healthy for the child’s skin, makes washing easy, and holds up to repeated washings.

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