How to interpret your baby’s cries

يبكي ليقول لك شيئاً…فكيف تفهمين بكاء طفلك؟
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How to understand your baby’s cries

Your baby may not be able to speak to you using words but they can communicate a lot to you through their cries. Listen carefully and you will notice that most full blown crying episodes are preceded by a “pre-cry”. Before they really get upset they tend to attempt to communicate their needs using this pre-cry. If you catch them before the true “wah” starts, you may find out what they are trying to tell you!

Five types of Newborn Pre-cries

Neh – This secret sound used the world over by babies means “I’m hungry”. This is the result of a baby’s sucking reflex kicking in.

Owh – This sound is made as they begin to yawn which means, “I’m sleepy“.

Heh – the “heh” sounds means discomfort. It’s very similar to the “Neh” sound so make sure it starts with “H”. This particular of the newborn cries is to let you know that the baby is uncomfortable – cold, hot, in pain, need a diaper change etc,

Eair – The “eair” sound means tummy trouble. It’s a deeper sound that comes from the lower stomach. It is a bit more difficult to distinguish than the rest but is usually accompanied by a newborn pulling their knees up or pushing down and out with their legs. Check your baby’s body as well as their face. If you are right both will look uncomfortable.

Eh – The “eh” sound means that a baby needs to burp. It is similar in sound to “neh” and “heh” but remember that you are listening for the beginning of the noise, not the ending sounds. When you hear, “Eh, ehhhhh” your newborn is really saying “Burp me, please mommy”.

Hopefully Baby-Arabia has come to the rescue again and you will be able to head off at least some of the “Wah” crying that keeps us all awake. Just remember to listen carefully to the beginning of your baby’s cries and give them what they need before they begin to protest! Sleep well….

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