How should I stop contraception?

Stopping Contraception
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Advice on stopping contraception

If you use contraception and have decided to try and conceive then a little planning is required. Some methods of contraception require more advance planning than others. Take advice from your doctor if in doubt and to see what is right for you.

Stopping the barrier method

If you use a barrier method such as the male or female condom, then it is simply do not continue to use them. These methods have no influence on your fertility, so it is safe for you to try and conceive straight away.

If you use a method of contraception which releases hormones, then a little more forward planning is required.

Stopping the Contraceptive Pill

If you are taking the mini-pill which is progesterone only then you can stop taking it whenever you like. If you are taking the combined pill it is advisable to continue to the end you’re your packet and allow the withdrawal bleed. The next time you bleed will be a proper period and this will help to date your pregnancy accurately. It will also give your body a little time to return to your normal menstrual cycle. If you stop in the middle of a packet you will possibly experience some irregular bleeding for a time. Every woman is different and it is normal to experience some light bleeding. It may take a while for your natural cycle to return, but you shouldn’t worry.

You will be fertile as soon as you stop taking the contraceptive pill even if your regular cycle has not returned.

Removing an Implant

A contraceptive implant can be easily removed by making a small incision possibly under local anaesthetic, but must be done by a trained medical professional. You will be fertile straight away. If you become pregnant whilst the implant is in place there is no evidence to suggest harm to your baby however it is recommended that you have it removed as soon as you know you are pregnant.

Stopping Contraceptive Injections

Stopping injections requires a little more planning as it may take a year or more for your body to become fertile again. This will depend on the type of injection you have. Take advice from your medical professional and if you are planning to become pregnant in the next year or two. You may be advised to stop the injections now and use another form of contraception until you are ready to try and conceive. The hormones being released in your body from the injections will slowly decrease but it will take time. Individual advice from your own doctor is recommended. It is very important to know that some women do conceive straight away so if you discontinue with contraceptive injections use another form of contraception until you are ready to try to conceive.

Removing an IUD

To have an IUD removed you must book an appointment with a doctor trained to do so. You do not need to wait to try to become pregnant after the removal of an IUD.


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