Hearing Test for Your Baby

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Hearing Test for Your Baby

A major part of a baby’s development and learning is through hearing. If your baby has a hearing problem and it is not found, your baby will have a hard time learning words and how to talk. When hearing loss is found early, treatment can begin right away to prevent long-term problems.

Hearing Test

As a part of your baby’s care, a hearing test will be done. The test measures how your baby responds to sound. It takes about 10 minutes and can be done while he or she is sleeping.

  • A small probe is placed in or near the baby’s ear. It sends soft clicking sounds into the ear.
  • Small pads may be put on your baby’s head. These measure how the baby’s brain responds to the sounds.

The Results

The results of the hearing test will be given to you and to your baby’s doctor. If your baby does have hearing loss, you will get more information about treatment and resources, and more tests will be done.

If you have any questions about having your baby’s hearing tested, talk to your baby’s doctor or nurse.

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