Health & Safety

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The health and safety of a baby is the parent’s responsibility. A child at 3-6 months of age cannot take care of itself and does not understand hazards! The mother, father and everyone around need to be alert to the needs of the baby at all times. Some essential safety tips include:


  • Double Bracket: Young babies are full of surprises – just because they didn’t roll over today doesn’t mean they won’t tomorrow! Be ready!When a baby is sleeping and not in his or her bassinet or crib, someone must be around to ensure that the baby does not roll over or fall down from the bed or sofa. Making a boundary with soft pillows around the baby is a must to prevent an accident or injury.
  • Avoid placing sharp objects near the child at all times. Any tool or object that can hurt the child must be stored far from reach.
  • Do not drink hot beverages around a child to avoid accidents that may cause severe burns to the babies’ tender skin.
  • Anyone suffering from an infection, cold, fever or common flu, must not be allowed close to the baby.
  • When giving a bath the child must never be left alone for even a minute.
  • Small toys that the child can put in the mouth and choke on must not be bought or given at this age.

The child at 3-6 months of age is fragile and prone to infections. The immune system is not fully developed and needs to be cared for. The good health of the child leads to sound growth and development. Some basic Health Musts include:


  • A regular check-up routine with the doctor is a must to ensure proper growth and development of the baby is monitored.
  • A baby must never be in a diaper all through the day as it can lead to rashes and infections.  Regular changing and proper hygiene is essential.
  • Always use a dropper or syringe to give prescribed medications. Wash and store these in a clean and dry area.
  • Consult a doctor and keep necessary medications for common conditions to hand at all times.
  • Never hold a baby immediately after coming back home from outside. Wash hands with an antiseptic soap before holding or feeding a baby.
  • Massage the baby with baby oil or creams to prevent dry and itchy skins. Do not use chemical based creams.
  • Always keep your baby hydrated with an adequate supply of fluids.
  • The baby’s clothes and bedding should be washed separately and preferably with an antiseptic based soap.

Raising a baby brings in new surprises and challenges every day! Be prepared!



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