First-time mom? Here’s some advice

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First-time mom? Here’s some advice

If you’re pregnant and expecting a delivery, let it be the beginning of a new life where you shed your bad habits and the negative aspects that you are aware of in your personality to change for the better. You will be a mother responsible for a family, which requires thinking before taking any steps. So we ask you to pay attention to and reconsider these things:

Dealing with your husband
Your relationship with your husband will become stronger, as you will have a baby that connects both of you, so don’t neglect this beautiful relationship; and try to hold on to it as much as you can. And because having the new baby can often distract the mother from taking care of her house and husband, you need to talk and explain to your husband that someone else will be sharing this life with you, and that this person needs great care and will take much of your time. This way your husband will understand this and won’t feel any change from your part.

Dealing with your baby
If you’re a bad-tempered person, you should hasten to change that because your baby needs tranquility and won’t stand any loud noise you make. Don’t expect him not to hear or feel, on the contrary, he is affected by everything going on around him but cannot express or show his feelings, so any stress you feel will eventually get to him. You might pass this habit of irritability to him, so try to get rid of any flaws in your personality and have a new optimistic personality, your husband will like that too.

The relationship between the newborn and his dad
A first-time dad usually feels worried about dealing with his new baby, as he fears mistreating him, so he avoids holding him or playing with him. Here comes your role in creating harmony between the two of them, and helping the father understand the actions of the newborn, how to hold, play, and laugh with him in a way that would help the new born feel safe with his father as well as help the father find it easier to comprehend the baby.

Postpartum depression
Many women get postpartum depression, and instead of showing signs of happiness, they feel grief, to the extent of crying sometimes. This is a purely psychological thing that psychiatrists talk about, and which husbands should be aware of, so there’s nothing wrong with telling your husband about your negative feelings. Although you should resist this feeling because it is simply temporary. Concentrate your thoughts on the positive things around you so you can overcome depression as quickly as possible.

Don’t lose your glamour
Another point that you shouldn’t neglect is paying attention to your appearance and beauty. Many wives neglect themselves after birth, so try as much as you can to take care of yourself: your personal hygiene, skin, hair, and elegance. In fact, it will be difficult at first because the baby takes most of your time, but don’t surrender to this because neglecting yourself will affect your mental state as well as your relationship with your husband.

Don’t neglect your health
If you’re breastfeeding, then you must take great care of your health, because the breast milk he has is affected by what you eat and any shortfalls or neglect of your health and nutrition will affect him negatively. Drink milk every day, diverse your diet to contain all the nutrients, specifically fruits, vegetables and proteins.

Using formula to feed your newborn doesn’t mean neglecting your health, as your weakness will prevent you from taking care of your baby. You should stay in good health in order not to suffer from any injuries or diseases that could affect you or your little one.

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