Changing Station Check list – make sure you’re prepared!

Changing Station Check List
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Maintaining your changing station

Changing diapers can be hard work so Baby-Arabia has made you a check list to make sure you have everything you need!

Before we can stock our station we need to consider practicalities. Make sure the height of your changing station is comfortable so that you don’t hurt yourself. You may find yourself at the changing station quite often!

It’s a good idea to choose a table with shelves, drawers and baskets. This will make it easier to store and find equipment when you need it.

You should always be able to keep a hand on your baby, so store immediately essential equipment within reach. The remaining stocked equipment should be kept in the table storage spaces.

Changing station check list

Your changing station should be well stocked and equipped with the following:

• Diapers: A number of diapers, disposable or cloth, should be stacked on the top of the table within arm reach, while storing the remaining in one of the table storage spaces.

• Wipes (hypoallergenic, alcohol-free and fragrance free) or soft wash-cloths or cotton balls soaked in warm water are all good options to clean your baby’s bottom.

• Changing pad and changing pad covers: Your changing pad must always be clean. We suggest that you purchase 1- 2 extra water proof covers. You can use a baby-safe antibacterial spray or wipes to keep the pad germ free.

• Diaper cream or ointment:  Use zinc oxide or petroleum jelly cream or ointment to prevent and to treat mild diaper rash. For serious rashes, a paediatrician should be consulted.

• Diaper pail and laundry bin:  The diaper pail for soiled diapers should be placed nearby, dirty clothes and dirty changing pad covers should go in a laundry bin. Make sure you separate cloth diapers of the dirty clothes, as diapers are germs carriers. 

• Clean baby clothes: Sometimes baby clothes get dirty during the diaper changing. So make sure there are spare outfits within arm’s reach so you do not need to leave your baby to fetch clothing.

• Pacifiers, distraction toys and other soothers: A baby will not enjoy every diaper change. Keep little toys or a pacifier close by, to help entertain and keep baby happy and quiet.

• Baby health care kit: It’s practical to keep all hygiene supplies in one place. The changing table can be the best place for clipping nails, applying lotion, taking temperature, giving your baby a dose of medicine and doing any other baby care tasks.

• Hand sanitizer: Using a hand sanitizer before and after the changing time is a practical and hygienic act if you don’t have the option for proper washing.

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