Bright Minds Institute Home Activity: Silly Story Memory Game

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Step 1:  Choose different pictures or household objects (e.g., items of food or even toys), preferably objects with which your child is less familiar. If your child is one to two years old, choose three objects; if your child is two to three years old, choose five objects; if your child is four to five years old, choose ten objects; and for all children over five years of age, choose ten to twenty objects. 

Step 2:  Place the images/objects in any order you choose.  It is important that, once you have chosen the order, you do not change it. 

Step 3:  Create a silly or funny story linking the different images/objects together, pointing to each object as it is mentioned in your story.  For example, if your objects are an apple, car keys and a cup, you can say that you were very hungry and really craving an apple (point to the apple), but realized that you would have to drive to the super market to buy one because you didn’t have any left at home so you picked up your car keys (point to the car keys); once you were back from the supermarket, you ate your apple and became very thirsty so you retrieved a cup (point to the cup) from the cupboard and poured yourself a cup of water.    

Step 4:  When you have finished the story, repeat it and, once again, point to the each object as you mention it in your story. 

Step 5:  Remove the images/objects. 

Step 6:  Ask your child if he can remember what happened at the beginning of the story?  This should lead them to the first image/object.  Continue in order through the story asking your child to give as many details as he can to lead you through the entire story and remembering all the images/objects.


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