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Double Bracket: “Creativity is contagious, pass it on!”Albert EinsteinChildren are very imaginative and have immense creativity. They can come up with stories and ideas that can bewilder an adult’s thinking! From the very beginning it is important to give wings to their creativity and channelize their imagination into creating something.

While stories trigger the imagination, most children are visual learners. They like to see their imagination take form right in front of their eyes. Most children’s books and cartoons focus on images and effects rather than plain words. A great way to enhance and encourage children’s creative thinking is by introducing the world of art, craft and DIY activities right from the very beginning.

Artistic abilities are innate in every human being, some develop them more than others but the fact remains that each one of us has the power and imagination to create something. Colors have proven positive results on a child’s mind. All around the world children are introduced to colors from an early age. As children grow older they begin to understand different colors and combinations. Drawing, coloring, sketching and painting are the very first steps to introduce a child to art. Once older, craft and DIY activities come into play. Let’s look at some interesting activities that could enhance creativity.

  • Shoe Box – an old shoe box can be turned into so many different things! Let your child color or paint it to turn it into a storage box for the cupboard. You could also cut the box into various shapes and forms to completely bring in a new dimension! You could add wheels and turn it into a cart or cut a large hole, attach strings and make a music box!
  • Straw art – used or new straws can be converted into various forms too! You could cut them into different sizes and stick them on a board to make a maze or string them together vertically to create a colorful hanging.
  • Ice cream sticks – use ice cream sticks to make picture frames, stack them up in a square to create a storage box, glue them around an old glass to make a pen stand or color them brightly and make wall art!

Just show your children the options and you will be amazed by what they create! Colored pebbles, old plastic bottles and cans, newspaper … everything and anything can be made into something arty! Display or use the final creation to encourage and appreciate your child. 

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