A pediatric dentist with a mission: spreading smiles to children wherever she goes. Yasmin’s career has been dedicated over the last 13-years in dentistry to little ones, and backing her up is a master’s degree in Pediatric Dentistry and three dental diplomas. Her two latest achievements were through a cognitive based hypnotherapy diploma from the UK to add a much-needed psychological depth to her treatments and an extra certification in dealing with children with autism.

After becoming a unicorn in the dental world through her new “hypnodontism”; children and parents alike soon realize she is no normal tooth fairy; she also has magic kid whispering powers.

If she is not spending her day treating children, she is globetrotting and attending conferences- always advocating the best for children causes. Devoted to an international charity foundation serving less fortunate children in developing countries, her oral hygiene awareness campaigns and children plays (the infamous sad tooth vs happy tooth) make such an incredible difference!

Her enthusiasm is infectious when she is explaining about the inner works of children’s dentistry at local and global conferences or even at “Mommy Coffee Mornings”. She also dedicates a portion of her time examining other dentists for the Royal College of Surgeons, UK.

Yasmin give’s children a voice, and become their advocate. Yet despite this, a lot of fights are yet to be won. She now has a regular segment on a popular channel, which is dedicated for children. This is just the beginning as; much public awareness is still needed to help parents make better decisions for a healthier future generation.

For more details about her journey, education or to see some of her social media segments; please check her website: http://dryasmin.ae, social media platforms @dryasminkottait or email her at [email protected]

P.O Box 128704, Dubai, UAE | | T: 00971 50 5254422 | E: [email protected]

L: ae.linkedin.com/in/jasminekottait/

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