Clinical Psychiatric

Clinical psychiatric, with more than 20 years of experience.

She is specialized in dealing with children who are victims of abuse and women who are victims of domestic violence. She is also specialized in developing preventive programs and programs supporting victims of abuse.

She is a founding member of the first society specialized in the fight against domestic violence in KSA. She chaired the charity’s second session.

She is a human rights activist with interests in women and children issues. She is a member of local, regional and international human rights organizations.

A media figure and host of TV shows, the last of which was (Doctors and More), broadcast on OSN, Abu Dhabi TV and Saudi TV.

Mother of three (Abdul Malik, Jumar and Jana).

She hopes of a safe and secure future for her children and grandchildren, through her advocacy of children rights.

She believes in the importance of laws to regulate societies, mainly with regard to abuse against children.

The Arab World needs awareness and a change of lifestyle and education, which can be realized through freedom of expression, healthy communication for a brighter and safer future of our children.

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