Clinical Psychologist

DHCC License Number: AH0900-14

Dr. Elena Andrioti is a licensed Clinical Psychologist that specializes in working with children, mothers and families in international communities. She studied in the United Kingdom and obtained a doctoral degree in Psychology as well as a masters in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Elena also trained in hospital and clinic settings in Lebanon and the UAE where she obtained supervised clinical hours working with a wide range of different mental health disorders using various forms of treatment. She is a trained Cognitive-Behavioral therapist and uses behavioral therapy techniques to work with children with special needs. Dr. Elena also consults for schools around the UAE and implements various strategies to enhance students’ life. Dr. Elena aims to reduce distress and improve the psychological well-being of her clients. Her work centers on establishing a relationship of trust and respect with her clients in a confidential setting where she empathizes with their concerns. She is also an active researcher in the field of Psychology and a speaker at various international conferences where she presents her most recent research findings in the field of Psychology. Elena is a mother herself and lives in Dubai with her husband and twin boys where she enjoys connecting with the community of moms and sharing her parenting journey through her social pages.


Contact: [email protected]

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