Dr. Azhar Abu-Ali is currently a senior licensed clinical psychologist at Latifa Hospital under the Dubai Health Authority.  She is an active member of the Emirates Child Mental Health Society and the Arabian Child and Adolescent Mental Health Association. Dr. Abu-Ali specializes in working with children, adolescents, and families.  Her other specializations include working with trauma survivors such as domestic violence, child abuse, war, medical trauma, grief and loss, and complex trauma.  Additionally, Dr. Abu Ali provides specialized psychotherapy modalities including play, sand, and art therapy.

Dr. Abu-Ali has previously served as the Director of Care and Rehabilitation in the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children, worked as a Research Consultant with the World Bank, and served in other capacities such as Clinical Intern Supervisor, and Director of the school-based mental health program for immigrants at the Center for Multicultural Human Services in the United States.  Dr. Abu-Ali has received her academic and clinical training in California and Virginia.

Dr. Abu-Ali published and participated in comprehensive regional research and theoretical projects focusing on adolescent identity development, child survivors of trauma, treatment efficacy, and multicultural competency.  Currently, Dr. Abu-Ali is conducting grant-funded research on caregiving and chronic pediatric illness in the United Arab Emirates.  She further specializes in developing and conducting training workshops for professionals in the field of mental health and health care.  Recent topics have focused on pediatric psychology and interpersonal childhood trauma.  Dr. Abu-Ali is also committed to community mental health awareness and prevention, and has provided community-based workshops.


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