Wellness & Fitness During Pregnancy

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Nothing is more important than staying fit and healthy while pregnant. While some think it has something to do with weight gain, it’s more likely due to helping both you and baby have an easier and more manageable labor and delivery. In fact, it’s been said from doctors alike that the more active you stay and the better you keep up with the wellness and fitness of you and baby during pregnancy the more likely that labor and delivery will go smoother. While this may not still be true for all expecting mothers, it does help to keep the muscles required to properly support the baby and manage the weight gain it does help. Many doctors recommend that as long as you have a healthy pregnancy that you continue the same routine and work outs you experienced prior to becoming pregnant.

For those who may have lived a more rigorous work out life, it’s important that you’re not over lifting or over exerting yourself as it can cause a lot of concerns for you and baby such as pre-term labor and possibly miscarriage. To continue on your path of wellness and fitness for baby make sure that you’re taking pre-natal vitamins as they are essential to the development and well-being of baby for the nine months that you’ll carry them. The vitamins are especially important in the beginning to help make sure their bones are growing and hardening as they’re meant to and prevent health issues like spinal bifida, which is basically when the newborns spine isn’t growing correctly and instead of the skin covering the skeletal structure of the spine it leaves it open without forming correctly. Other issues may include the skull not completely closing and being covered by the skin as it typically does throughout the pregnancy.

Likewise, eating well is another important part of making sure that baby and mom to be are getting what they need to progress smoothly through the nine months of pregnancy. These essential vitamins and nutrients allow the pregnant mother to have more energy and feel better as well as prevent unnecessarily large amounts of gain in weight. For mothers who may experience gestational diabetes during pregnancy this is another important factor in keeping their blood sugar levels at manageable levels and preventing baby from growing excessively large or complications during labor and delivery. In fact, with the combination of adequate rest, and eating correctly you’ll find that while you may experience some tough days involving crazy mood swings and cravings, your whole pregnancy will run smoother and you’ll feel a lot better.

Wellness and fitness for both mother and child should be a number one priority. Therefore, if you find that your doctor places you on bed rest or puts certain restrictions in place, it’s important that you follow them to keep from compromising your health, the health of your unborn child and prevent things from going wrong in the pregnancy or with you and your child.