Should the Children’s Room be Pink or Blue?

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Don’t choose the usual colours, as this year gives you complete freedom to choose the colours, the furnishings and the games that suit best the children’s room. We are too much used to decorate the little girls’ rooms in pink and the little boys’ rooms in blue. What do you think today to stay away from those obvious choices and to select a particular topic to decorate your children’s room?

Welcome your child with a suitable atmosphere and a distinctive decor. Who says that the boys’ rooms should be filled with toys scattered all around the floor? Why don’t you use a classic decor that matches the one of your house? One wall of the room could be wrapped in dark brown wood and you can use contemporary furnishings for the lamps near your children’s beds. 2016 takes you back to old fashion, from which you can take inspiration to decorate your children’s room. Use a carpet streaked with drawings to make your furniture look like a mixture of dark wood and streaky red colour. It’s a brilliant idea to differ from the usual decorations chosen by the majority of women.

Finally, do not forget to add to this room your passion and your love for your baby!